Puppies must meet the minimum age requirement on the first day of class.

Puppy Kindergarten for pups between 8 and 12 weeks (56–83 days)
Puppy I for pups between 12 and 18 weeks
Puppy II for adolescents between 18 weeks and 8 months of age. Puppy II classes are exclusively reserved for Graduates of CDT Puppy I, so that we may continue to conduct the classes off-leash.


For Puppy Kindergarten: First DHLPP or DHPP vaccine prior to first session. PLEASE carry your pup from car to class. Your puppy is not fully vaccinated yet and therefore, as a precaution, we ask that you carry your puppy to class in your arms or in a carrier and avoid walking through parks or on public walkways. We ask that you DO NOT allow your puppies to greet other pups or dogs, fellow students or otherwise, outside of the classroom.

For Puppy Training I: First two rounds of DHLPP or DHPP vaccine prior to first session

For Puppy Training II: Proof of rabies vaccine and up-to-date DHLPP/DHPP


We encourage the whole family attend the class together. If children are three years or younger, we suggest that a second adult be present.


Proof of vaccination is required at the first session. Please see specific Vaccination Requirements for each type of class.

Have your puppy wear a flat, buckle/snap collar. Harnesses or training collars that tighten are not appropriate.

Please have your pup on a 5’ leash. Flexi leashes are not appropriate in class.

Do NOT feed your puppy right before class. Instead, bring their kibble to class in a treat pouch for use as lures and rewards while training. Plus bring a few extra-tasty treats to reward your pup for their best performances. Make sure the treats are small, bite-sized pieces.

We also recommend bringing a small water bowl for personal use.

Cancellation Policy

For Group Classes – CDT does not offer make-up sessions for Group Classes that are missed. Once Group Classes have begun payment is non-refundable. CDT does not give cash refunds to students who do not or cannot finish the program for which they have registered.

For Private Sessions – We ask that you provide CDT with 48 hour notice via email or phone to cancel or reschedule. Cancellations and rescheduling requests not made 48 hours in advance will be charged the full amount of their scheduled training session and/or one training session will be considered fulfilled from your Training Package.”