Puppy Kindergarten

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For puppies 8-14 weeks old

$125 for 4 sessions

For our youngest pups we have a rolling enrollment Puppy Kindergarten! The pressing items on the agenda are: handling, handling and handling! Safe socialization with people, bite inhibition, teaching household manners (where to eliminate, what to chew, when to shush), and preparing your pup for being left at home alone, i.e., preventing separation anxiety, so that your young pup grows up to be a confident, good-natured and well-behaved adolescent. All of this must be addressed prior to three months of age. Additionally, you’ll learn how to teach Come, Sit, Down, Stay etc.) because it’s so easy and just so much fun.

The Puppy Kindergarten Curriculum is ongoing with four sequential sessions: A. Household Training, B. Puppy Biting and Handling, C. Manners and Safety Training, and D. Safe Socialization. Because of the extreme urgency to get going with young puppies, you may start the course at any session, e.g., start with Session C and continue through Sessions D, A and B.

CDT maintains a puppy safe environment. Puppies remain on owners laps and do not have dog-dog interaction. Your puppy will have the opportunity to socialize with the other puppy parents and families.

Requirements: First DHLPP or DHPP vaccine prior to first session. Carry puppy from car to class. (See FAQs)

***Class Schedule***

Every Friday at 4:00 pm

Location – Training Center


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